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Airline Marketing

Course Instructors

Instructors for the Airline Marketing course are Dr. Hugh Wilson, Dr. Emma K. MacDonald, and Dr. Keith Mason, both from Cranfield University. 

Course Format
Teaching level
  • This course is a course in a masters’ degree.
  • Students will have basic knowledge of core marketing concepts in market segmentation, customer experience, branding, pricing, revenue management, promotion, social media but with some review to be provided, where necessary.
  • Students should have a basic knowledge of the aviation industry and must have a work experience with an airline company.
Course Requirements

The module will be assessed with two pieces of work.

Group Case Study (50%)

The case study will be worked on in groups (of about 5 or 6 students).  The work will focus primarily on the airline branding and promotion, but may draw on any aspect of the course.  The students will work on the case study and present their findings on Saturday afternoon.  The presentations will be assessed at that time on criteria as follows:

  • Knowledge: Correct application of tools and frameworks (40% of assessment)
  • Interpretation: insightful and commercially practical conclusions from frameworks (30% of assessment)
  • Communication: clear, credible and persuasive presentation of arguments (30% of assessment)

Individual assignment (50%)

Students will be required to write an individual report (around 2000 words) to be submitted after the module, focusing on one of the key areas of the course and case study materials. The criteria are as for the group case study.

Course Outline
Course Textbook

Students are recommended to obtain the following core textbook, which is co-authored by Professor Hugh Wilson. While all of the sessions include material from new research which is not yet in any books (hence some of the additional reading materials), this book covers most of the fundamentals on the course.
  • McDonald, Malcolm & Wilson, Hugh (2011). Marketing Plans: how to prepare them, how to use them, 7ed. Wiley, Chichester, UK.

A more detailed examination of multichannel marketing issues is provided by the following book, also co-authored by Prof Hugh Wilson:

  • Wilson, Hugh, Rod Street and Lindsay Bruce (2008), "The multichannel challenge: Integrating customer experiences for profit", Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford, UK.
Course Assignments
  • Group case study assignments and individual assignments are given below:
Course Assignments Due Date
Case Study
Individual Assignment 
In class
07.03.2014 17:00 

Lecture Notes
  • Lecture Notes are given below:
Main Lecture Notes  
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3-4
Module 5-7
Module 8
Module 9-10
Module 11
Module 12
Module 13
Module 14
Module 15
Module 17
Module 18
Module 19
Introduction to Marketing
Consumer Behaviour & Market Segmentation
Customer Experience & Value
Marketing Plans
Customer Insight
Multichannel Strategy
Pricing & Revenue Management
Social Media
Customer Led Innovation
Loyalty in a Multichannel Environment
Creating a Customer-centric Organization
  • Extra notes are given below:
Extra Lecture Notes 
Ancillary Revenue
Multichannel Strategy Revised Exercise 
  • Reading materials are given below:
Reading Materials  
CCMF - Qualimetrics
Better Customer Insight - In Real Time
A Stage Model for Multichannel CRM
Uncovering the Customer Experience Mystery
Relentless Tide - An Unstoppable Megabrand
Reading material for day 1
Reading material for day 2
Reading material for day 2
Reading material for day 5
  • Materials for group study are given below:
Materials for Group Study  
Posters 1
Posters 2
Day 1-2
Day 3-6
  • Videos related to this lesson are given below:
Video Interview with David Tarrant, Global Technical Community Manager