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Contracting in Air Transportation (2016-2017)
Course Instructors

The instructors for the course are Mr. Andrew Charlton, Mr. Matthew Feargrieve, and Mr. Richard Gimblett. Their bios can be seen in the links below:

Mr. Andrew Charlton
Mr. Matthew Feargrieve
Mr. Richard Gimblett

Course Intent

This course seeks to introduce students to the basics of contract law, and the processes of creating, drafting and negotiating contracts. There is a particular emphasis on contracts that underpin much of the aviation industry, such as sales agency agreements, ground handling agreements and aircraft financing. The course also looks at various other aspects contract negotiators and drafts people have to bear in mind, such as the impact of regulatory restrictions on the ability to draft contracts. The course includes considerable interaction and hands-on learning.

Course Assessment

Lecture and Workshop based course.
36 hours of instruction distributed over 6 days.
13 modules in total plus significant case study and workshop time.

Course Schedule

In Class - Group Presentations:
  • Group work around a hypothetical fact situation. It will include an assessment of fact analysis, drafting and negotiation skills.
Individual Exams:
  • Daily short answer questions combining materials from the course.
Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes  
Module 01 Law and Legal Systems
Module 02 Introduction to Contract Law I
Module 03 Aviation Passenger Contracts
Module 04 Introduction to Contract Law II
Module 05 Contract Clauses & Contract Negotiation
Module 06 Ground Handling & Agency Contracts
Module 07 Fuel Purchase and GSA Contracts
Module 08 Atypical Contracts and Airport Contracts
Module 09 Aircraft Leases
Module 10 Finance Contracts
Module 11 Regulations and Contracts
Module 12 Organizational Structures
Module 13 Airline Cooperation and MITA
Module 14 Code Sharing
Module 15 Introduction to Anti-Trust and Contracts
Module 16 Introduction to Xanadu Airlines

Course Readings

Course Readings  
Amerijet Interline Cargo Special Prorate Agreement
Cargo General Sales and Service Agency Agreement  
Swissair Codeshare Agreement  
IATA Standart Ground Handling Agreement  
IATA Aviation Fuel Supply Model Agreement  
IATA Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual  
IATA Non-Airline Cargo General Sales and Service Agents  
Shell Aviation Fuels Agreement  
Swissport Standard Ground Handling Agreement