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Airline Business Models and Strategic Management (2016-2017)
Course Instructors

The instructors for the course are Dr. Keith Mason, Dr. Frankie O'Connell, Mr. Paul Hughes, and Mrs. Karen Valverde. Dr. Keith Mason Dr. John Frankie O'Connell have the responsibility or the entire course. Their bios can be seen in the links below:

Prof. Dr. Keith Mason
Prof. Dr. John Frankie O'Connell
Mr. Paul Hughes
Mrs. Karen Valverde

Course Intent

To provide students with an opportunity to develop their critical reasoning and analytical skills, to enhance their ability to work effectively within a group and make effective executive level presentations within an airline business gaming environment.

Course Timetable

Timetable for the course can be reached from this link.

Course Assessment

The assessment criteria and requirements can be seen in the given document.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes can be seen at the table below:

Lecture Notes  
Module 01 General Trend of the Global Airline Industry
Module 02 Core Concepts of Strategic Airline Management
Module 03 Performing Strategic Analysis
Module 04 Strategies Used to Respond Competition
Module 05 Ancillary Revenues

Course Readings

Redings can be seen at the table below:

Course Readings  
Paper 01 Ancillary Revenues
Paper 02 Turkish Airlines
Paper 03 Diversification Strategies

They will be distributed during the course.