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Air Transportation Systems and Infrastructure (2015-2016)
Course Instructors

The course instructors for the Air Transportation Systems and Infrastructure will be Prof. Dr. R. John Hansmann, Prof. Dr. Amedeo Odoni, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hamsa Balakrishnan. Their bio can be seen in the linkts below:

Prof. Dr. R. John Hansman
Prof. Dr. Amedeo Odoni
Prof. Dr. Hamsa Balakrishnan

Course Description

This course introduces current practice, developing trends, and advanced concepts for Air Transportation Infrastructure including Airport, Air Traffic Control, and Airline systems. The course describes current systems and management processes, as well as emerging technologies and concepts of operation. It addresses economic and regulatory considerations, as well as key issues such as capacity, congestion, environmental impact and security.

Course Schedule

Course Schedule can be reached from this link.

Course Readings

Reading List can be reached from here.

Course Textbook
  • Richard de Neufville and Amedeo Odoni, Airport Systems: Planning, Design, and Management, Second Edition, McGraw Hill Education, 2013.
  • Belobaba, P., Odoni, A., and Barnhart, D., (eds.), The Global Airline Industry, First Edition, John Wiley & Sons Publishers, 2009.
Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes  
Module 01 Forces and Trends in Air Transportation
Module 02 Overview of ATC Systems and Processes
Module 03 Introduction to Airports and Their Characteristics
Module 04 Airport Characteristics: Part II
Module 05 Airfield Geometric Design
Module 06 Airline Operations
Module 07 Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Technologies
Module 08 Terminal Area Operations
Module 09 Enroute and Oceanic Operations
Module 10 Airfield Capacity
Module 11 Airport Demand Management: Part I
Module 12 Aviation Security
Module 13 Emergency Response Planning and Irregular Operations
Module 14 ATC Modernization - Nextgen and SESAR
Module 15 Impacts of Weather
Module 16 Air Traffic Flow Management
Module 17 Collaborative Decision Making
Module 18 Airport Demand Management Part II
Module 19 Design of Passenger Terminals
Module 20 Data Analysis and Simulation Tools
Module 21 Performance Metrics
Module 22 Delay Propagation in the Air Transportation Network
Module 23 Environmental Impacts of Aviation
Module 24 Airport Ownership and Management
Module 25 Airport and ATM User Charges
Module 26 Current Trends