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Air Law, Regulations, and Compliance Management (2015-2016)
Course Instructors

The instructors for the course will be Prof. Paul Stephen Dempsey, Mr. Marios Seretis, and Mr. Arthur Eberg. Their bio can be seen in the links below:

Prof. Paul Stephen Dempsey
Mr. Marios Seretis
Mr. Arthur Eberg

Course Intent

This course seeks to introduce students to various issues surrounding the law and regulation of aviation and the airline business following the deregulation and liberalisation of the aviation market. It begins by examining relevant principles and rules of international law that affect the use of air space before turning attention to the national and international regulation of economic, safety, security, and environmental, matters in air transport. The liability regime governing air carriers and manufacturers are discussed, as are issues of concern to the airline business, such as competition, mergers and acquisitions, airline alliances, aircraft finance and consumer protection.

Course Format

Lecture-based course.
6 days of instruction, 36 hours of instruction.
36 modules in total

Course Schedule

You can reach the course schedule from this link.

Course Assessment

In Class - Group Presentations: Jumbo-Heavy Case Study
Individual Final Exam: An exam combining material from the entire course

Each component of a student's grade in this course will be assigned as a percentage grade (ranging from 0% to 100%). The final grade for the course will be calculated by multiplying each grade by the weight in the grading system described above.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes can be seen in the table below:

Lecture Notes  
Module 01 Challenges Facing Civil Aviation in the 21st Century
Module 02 The Chicago Convention as the Constitution of an International (Civil Aviation) Organization
The Chicago Convention as a Source of International Law
Module 03 Origins of International Lawmaking: The Chicago Convention
Module 04 Environmental Law and Sustainability in International Aviation
Module 05 Market Based Measures in International Civil Aviation: Current State of the Law
Module 06 Reserved for Case Study
Module 07 Aviation Safety Regulation
Module 08 Blacklisting: The Conflict Between National and International Aviation Safety Standards
Module 09 Aviation Security I
Module 10 Aviation Security II
Module 11 Aircraft Finance and Registration of Security Interests I
Module 12 Aircraft Finance and Registration of Security Interests II
Module 13 Airline Liability for Passenger Injury, Death and Delay I
Module 14 Airline Liability for Passenger Injury, Death and Delay II
Module 15 Air Carrier Liability for Loss and Damage of Air Cargo
Module 16 Aircraft Manufacturer's Liability
Module 17 & 18 Consumer Protection Laws
Module 19 Air Carrier Regulation: The US, EU, UK and Canadian Examples
Module 20 Government and Aviation: Not Exactly a Marriage Made in Heaven
Module 21 Competition Law and the Airline Industry
Module 22 Airline Mergers, Acquisitions & Airline Alliances
Module 23 Predatory Practices & Collusion Between Airlines
Module 24 Reserved for Case Study
Module 25 Air Traffic Rights: Deregulation and Liberalization
Module 26 Liberalization, Open Skies and Beyond, Part I
Module 27 Liberalization, Open Skies and Beyond, Part II
Module 28 Liberalization, Open Skies and Beyond, Part III
Module 29 Contract Law
Module 30 Reserved for Case Study
Module 31 Air Navigation
Module 32 The Regulation of Airport Landing Slots
Airport Planning & Development

Extra materials for the lecture notes can be seen in the table below:

Additional Materials  
Module 11-12 Aircraft Finance Additional Materials
Module 26-28 Traffic Rights

Course Readings

Course readings can be reached from the table below:

Course Readings  
Module 01 Introduction to Contemporary Issues in Aviation
Module 02 International Conventional and Customary Law
Module 02-03 The Chicago Convention 1944
The Chicago Convention
Module 03 Chicago Convention Annex II
Module 04-05 Environmental Protection
How ICAO Failed to Tackle Aviation and Climate Change
Module 07-08 Safety
Module 09-10 Chicago Convention Annex 17
Convention Offences and Acts on Board Aircraft
Convention Unlawful Seizure of Aircraft 1970
Convention Suppression of Unlawful Acts 1971
Protocol Unlawful Acts of Violence at Airports 1988
Convention on the Making of Plastic Explosives 1991
Beijing Convention
Beijing Protocol
CASP-AP Draft Regulations on Aviation Security
Module 11-12 1948 Geneva Convention
2001 Cape Town Convention
2001 CTC Aircraft Protocol Ratification
2001 CTC Aircraft Protocol
Module 13-15 Warsaw Convention
Montreal Convention 1999
Rome Convention 1952
Module 16 Manufacturer's Liability EU Directive of 1985
Restatement of Torts 2nd
Restatement of Torts 3rd
Module 17-18 Consumer Protection Laws
Module 19-20 Licensing and Economic Regulation of Airlines
Module 19-20-25 Licensing and Economic Regulation of Airlines, Traffic Lights and ATAs
Module 21 Airline Competition Law
Module 22 2009 US DOJ Comments on BA-AA Alliance
2010 EC Comments on BA-AA Alliance
2011 EC Response to Virgin's Objections
Airline Mergers and Alliances
Module 23 Predatory Pricing
Module 25 Traffic Rights and Bilateral Air Transport Agreements
Module 26-28 US-EU Agreement 2007
LACAC Multilateral
US Canada Open Skies Agreement Review
US Dept State Open Skies Partnership
US-EU Agreement 2010
Module 29 Contract Law I - IATA Condition of Carriage RP 1724
Contract Law I - Conditions of Contract Carriage
Contract Law I - IATA Conditions of Contract and other Important Notices
Contract Law I - Types of Aircraft Lease
Contract Law II - MITA and Other Airline Contracts
Module 31-32 Air Navigation Service Provider

Case Study and Assignments

Case study and group assignment can be seen in the table below:

Case Study  
  Case Study for Air Law Course

Additional Materials

These are the materials added during the course

Extra Materials  
New Module History of Aviation
New Module Foreign Ownership & Cabotage