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Dr. Richard de Neufville

Dr. de Neufville is Professor of Systems Engineering at MIT. He wrote the textbooks Airport Systems: Planning, Design, and Management (with Prof. Odoni) and Flexibility in Engineering Systems (MIT Press) as well as 4 others in Systems Planning and Design.  He founded and led the development of the MIT Technology and Policy Program, which has been replicated at the University of Cambridge and the Delft University of Technology. He has consulted on landside issues with airports “on every inhabited continent”.  He is a founding member of the MIT team collaborating on the development of the Singapore University of Technology and Design. He has received many international awards for research and teaching, including the McKelvey Award for Aviation, and the FAA award for Excellence in Aviation Education (with Prof. Odoni).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor in the Department of Engineering Systems and Civil and Environmental Engineering
Founder of MIT Technology and Policy Program

US-Japan Leadership Fellow

Research and Training Focus

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Prof. Dr. Richard de Neufville