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Service Management and Innovation
Course Description

Innovation is an important tool for companies in service sector to sustain in a competitive environment and new growth to This course covers the innovation management concepts and methods for the service sector and introduces new service development process in this framework.

Course Objectives

  1. To provide conceptual understanding of innovation processes in service sector
  2. Building organization structure in the service sector for innovation
  3. Introducing the different innovation models and strategies in service sector
  4. Understanding the new service development process management

Course Outcome

  1. Ability to understand the innovation processes in service management
  2. Ability to develop and implement innovation strategies in service sector
  3. To provide organizational change using innovation in service sector
  4. The ability to manage the new product development processes 

Course Plan

  1. An Introduction to Service Innovation. Key themes and definitions
  2. Exploring Similarity and Difference Across the Service Sector
  3. Patterns of Service Innovation
  4. Innovation Strategy in the Service Sector
  5. Innovation Networks: Relational Resources in the Service Sector 
  6. Organizational Structure, Culture and Workspace Design
  7. The New Service Development (NSD) Process
  8. Learning and Knowledge in the Service Sector
  9. The External Sources of Service Innovation
  10. Service Innovation in the Virtual World
  11. Innovation Policy and Systems for the Service Sector