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Management of Engineering and High-Technology Projects
Course Description

This course covers the basic engineering management functions of planning, organizing, and controlling, as applied to project teams. Critical issues in the management of engineering and high-technology projects are discussed. Economic, time, and performance parameters of engineering projects are analyzed from the organizational and resource perspectives.

Course Objectives

  1. To help students understand each area of management issues.
  2. To exercise management skills.
  3. To  learn how to integrate the management skills and the engineering skills in order to prepare themselves for career paths.

Course Outcomes

  1. Understand/practice the basic functions in engineering management
  2. Define the project: Project Scope Checklist, Sponsorship, Priority Matrix, WBS
  3. Estimate task times, costs and budgets, and resources
  4. Apply project management techniques to create a structured project plan
  5. Apply project management and spreadsheet software to create project management and financial documents

Course Plan

  1. Introduction to Engineering Management
  2. Organizing the Engineering Function
  3. Case Study: Managing in a Matrix Environment
  4. Planning the Engineering Function
  5. Engineering Project Planning
  6. Tools and Techniques for Managing Engineering Projects
  7. Defining Project Organization
  8. Earned Value Systems
  9. Controlling and Measuring Engineering Work
  10. Controlling Technical Program Performance
  11. Project Presentations
  12. Project Presentations
  13. Project Presentations
  14. Project Presentations