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Feasibility Analysis
Course Description

Scope of a Feasibility Analysis of a Project/Investment, Economic Feasibility Analysis,  Technical and Operational Feasibility, Legal Feasibility Analysis, Project Risk Analysis under Uncertainty, Risk Simulation, Market Analysis: Customer Expectations Evalution, Competitors Analysis, Resource Availability Evaluation, Project Financing & Financial Feasibility, Multi Attribute Investment Analysis and Selection, Real Options Analysis.

Course Objectives

  1. To make the students acquire the knowledge required to analyze and decide the feasibility of a project or investment by considering all of its aspects.
  2. To teach the students the means of evaluation and selection of the best alternative, when several alternatives and multiple evaluation criteria exist.
  3. To discuss case studies especially concerned with the feasibility of aviation industry projects.

Course Outcomes

  1. Acquire knowledge and skills to apply technical, operational, legal, economic and financial feasibility analysis approaches that are employed during the analysis of an aviation project.
  2. Acquire knowledge about the techniques and skills for making decisions about aviation projects under uncertainty.
  3. Acquire skills for making market analysis, identifying the customer expectations, and analyzing the competitors’ current state.
  4. Attain skills for evaluating the availability of all required resources of the project.

Course Plan

  1. Fundamentals of a Feasibility Analysis
  2. Technical, Operational and Legal Feasibility of Projects
  3. Economic Feasibility Analysis
  4. Project Risk Analysis under Uncertainty
  5. Project Risk Simulation
  6. Market Analysis for a Project
  7. Evaluation of Required Resource Availability
  8. Financial Feasibility of the Project & Project Financing
  9. Multi-Attribute Evaluation and Selection of Several Project Alternatives
  10. Real Options: Put, deferral, call options
  11. Real Options in Aviation Industry
  12. Case Studies about Aviation Projects Feasibility- Airport Example
  13. Case Studies about Aviation Projects Feasibility-Technology Transfer Example
  14. Project Presentations & Discussions